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How to Start With Search Engine Optimization of a WordPress Blog?

Millions, if not billions, of webmasters use WordPress as the primary CMS for their websites. WordPress sites are easy to use and manage, look good and extremely customizable as well. Well, it must be acknowledged that this

How to Secure a WordPress Blog?

Hacking a WordPress blog may seem an intimidating task for you, but not for the seasoned hackers. More importantly, hacking a WordPress blog is becoming common these days. It is important to protect your WordPress blog if

How to Add Your First WordPress Blog Post?

Adding the first blog post in your WordPress blog is always an awesome feeling! After all, that’ how you start blogging! If you are worried about executing the steps correctly, this article should definitely help you out:

How to Install WordPress Manually and Configure Database?

Though many feel that installing WordPress is an intimidating process, in reality it is not. There are a few simple steps to follow and if you do those correctly, you don’t need to worry. Once you get

How to Install and Manage WordPress Plugins?

Most of the webmasters use WordPress these days, not only because it looks good, but, also because managing a website becomes easier with WordPress CMS. Adding new features is also a breeze with WordPress, as the plugins

How to Create Categories and Pages in WordPress?

Thanks to the sleek user interface, easy to use tools, presence of amazing plug-ins and themes, setting up a website with WordPress is just a cakewalk. If you’re creating a blog with WordPress, the first step is

Installing WordPress Themes

The system of WordPress Theme is nothing but to skin your weblog. It is implied that skinning your site means that the design has been changed. You can have more control over the presentation and look of