Installing WordPress Themes

The system of WordPress Theme is nothing but to skin your weblog. It is implied that skinning your site means that the design has been changed. You can have more control over the presentation and look of one’s website with the help of WordPress Themes. WordPress Themes is a compilation of files which are working together for producing a graphical boundary with a design which is unifying for the weblog. These files are known as template files. The way in which a site is displayed is modified by the themes without the underlying software being modified. The themes also include template files which are customized, style sheets, custom Pages, image files and also code files which are necessary.

Getting new themes

The certified site for WordPress Themes which are inspected and checked is WordPress Theme Directory and these can be downloaded for free. The site has the capability of searching by style and type and also the display of the elements of page view is offered by it.

Usage of the themes

For the preliminary usage, a default theme which is the WordPress Twenty Eleven Theme is supplied by the WordPress in the distribution. You can use the admin panel for switching between the Themes.

Addition of new themes

There are several themes which are accessible for downloading which will work with your installation of WordPress. The Theme which you will be installing will provide instructions which must be read and should be followed so that the installation is successful. For help, the Theme author can also be contacted.

How to add new Themes with the usage of the Administration Panel

You can directly download the themes to one’s blog with the usage of the Add New Theme option which can be found in the Appearance sub menu.

  •  Logging in the WordPress Administration Panel
  •  Selection of the Appearance panel and then the Themes
  •  Install themes selected
  •  Usage of the Filter or Search options or sub-menu for locating the Theme you would like to use
  •  Clicking on the Preview link for previewing the theme or clicking the Install link for uploading the theme to your blog
  •  Using the upload link for uploading the zipped copy of the theme which you had previously downloaded.

Using cPanel for the addition of New Themes

  •  First, you will have to download the Theme zip file to your local machine
  •  Then you will have to navigate to one’s Themes folder in the cPanel File Manager.
  •  Then the Upload file(s) has to be clicked and then that zip file which you saved in step 1 has to be uploaded
  •  After uploading the zip file, the zip file name in the cPanel has to be clicked and then Extract File Contents and the zip file will get uncompressed

Creation of Themes

You can review the credentials concerning the Theme Development if you are interested in creating your own Themes for the sake of learning or for distribution regarding the Theme architecture.