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Easy HTML Nested Lists Tutorial with Examples

You may have used simple Ordered and Unordered lists, without adding a list within a list item, which can also be done, as a child lists. For example, there are chapter names in the list, and each

How to Enhance Your Photos Using Photoshop Actions

Enhancing your photos using pre-made Photoshop actions make your life easier. These actions can be downloaded from deviantart, and loaded into your photoshop easily. The actions consist of a squence of tasks applied on a document in

Redirects in PHP – Easy Methods for Temporary and Permanent Redirections

Redirecting an old page to a newer, or a domain to another domain, is easy in PHP and can be done using header() function. The main consideration in redirection is HTTP status code. 301 is the permanent

Creating SEO-Friendly URL from Title (WordPress like URL Slug) in PHP

The URL Slug is a converted version of a Post or an article title, comprised of small letters, numbers, and hyphens only. There are many techniques for converting the title string into the slug, and often webmasters